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three men, three ways

And it's Menswear Monday! (it seems to come around a lot, doesn't it?) Arguably Monday is your least favorite day of the week, so why not make it a little better? Or even a lot better....
I'd really like you to engage your brain here, so let's play a game. Match the man to the style! In random order, we have: All-American Bad Boy, Preppy Cazh (that's fashion for casual fyi), and Sleek & Chic. Who's wearing it and which do you prefer on your guy?


you're so hollywood, she said

Menswear Monday's "Portrait of a Suit" series continues. Here's last week's Intellectual Sartorialist in case you missed him. (And believe me, you don't want to miss the priceless expression on his face). This week we bring you The Dapper Pinstripe Suit, sponsored by Turner Classic Movies. 
The Leading Man: It’s... Clark Gable. It’s... Howard Hughes. It’s… the time-traveling Hollywood leading man! Pinstripes and pocket squares, fedoras and trench coats-- from the top of his pomaded ‘do to the tips of his Oxfords, this dapper suit cuts a swath through 1940s Hollywood with no problem. Oh wait, there is a problem: it’s 2011. 
He’s not troubled. He tosses back brandy with his pinky raised, wears aviator goggles to and from work (subway be damned!), and makes platinum blondes everywhere swoon from the sheer force of his (tongue-less Hollywood) kiss. Must haves: shoe shine and a pen to sign autographs for his many, many, many adoring fans.


the intellectualist

How a man wears a suit says a lot about him, dontcha think? Here's part one of my "Portrait of a Suit" series, in honor of Menswear Monday.
The Intellectual Sartorialist: he can quote Sartre and Salinger, listens to obscure 70s music, and prides himself on being the anti-hipster. He veers toward mismatched fabrics, favoring houndstooth and herringbone above all. He lives by his wit and knows 16 different ways to fold a pocket square. Must haves: Either a beard or nerdy glasses. Both would be trying too hard, and this goes completely against his creed.


hats off

I'm not a big fan of hats-- unless you're trying to protect your delicate complexion from the sun or your delicate ears from the snow. Otherwise hats look a bit "I'm trying too hard" (think fedoras and berets) or "I'm not trying at all" (think baseball caps and beanies).


guys do it too

Traditionally, red was considered a strong masculine color and during the 19th century little boys were dressed in pink and little girls wore blue, thought the softer, more feminine shade. Somewhere along the way, those lines were crossed and now-- good luck finding that pink romper for baby Johnny.


blue suede shoes

Shay keeps it casual for summer without looking like a hot mess. And if it looks easy to look stylish, boys, it's because it is. A T-shirt, khakis, a spectacular watch, and a few pops of color is all you need to look this good. Ok, and a little of what your mama gave you.


man on the street

Not every moment is a fashion statement. But sometimes nothing looks better than the average Joe. One day in Hong Kong, so many men:



From an Urban Outfitters schoolboy satchel to a Louis Vuitton tote, it's all about the man bag. Question is, how can we convince every man we know to carry one around-- think of all the extra room they'd have in their pockets!


the hair and the stare

Check out this fab duo's outfits below. They look like an ad campaign. The only thing I'd change is...


all the pretty ducks

So you say you're a man's man (or a boy's boy as the case may be). And it's Menswear Monday, after all. Here are some dudes that decidedly do not look like ladies-- all the Docker's ducks in a row:

kelly green and printed pants

When you and your man both want to wear the same outfit...

kelly green and printed pants

Rick owen
$1,600 -

Lycra legging
$635 -

Liliana embossed handbag
$189 -

a walk on the wild side

Menswear Monday need never be boring with the likes of these four guys walking around. Granted, most of them are in Paris or some other jetsetting capital of the world. But lucky you, you always have access to them on street number eight. ;)


boy meets girl

I wish I could dress like this every day. The girl (photographed by the Sartorialist here) is just perfection to me.

boy meets girl

Hel Och Ren white tee
$45 -

Miu Miu pleated pants
$380 -

Gold chain pendant
2.010 EUR -

House of Harlow 1960 feather necklace
43 GBP -

Leather belt
65 GBP -

I'm always wary of wearing regular khakis because it feels too boyish even for me, but these uber-wide pants offer a nice, feminine twist. She looks effortless and most important-- comfortable! If you want to "shop this look" here are some more options, and a girlier way to interpret it:


ducks in a row 3

Yes, the world is going insane. News organizations are in overdrive. But it's Menswear Monday, and a guy still has to get dressed every morning. Here are some more stylish wearable ways to wear your khakis, courtesy of Dockers. 


ducks in a row 2

How do you style your khakis? Neon prepster or lumberjack hipster?

See what's below the belt, because after all, shoes are key.

ducks in a row 1

Making Dockers look fiiiiine. First part in a series of looks featuring khakis (and models) of various shades. 

More shots below. And let me know how you'd style this wardrobe basic in the comments section.


A couple of weeks ago I told you that Atif Kazmi of men's blog Por Homme took me to a few events in New York City. Well, it's Menswear Monday and I've finally gotten around to posting some pics. First up: the Dockers party, celebrating their timeless flat-front khakis. Male models lined up in a row, manly hors d'oeuvres in the form of sliders and BLTs, a full bar, and a well-known DJ whose name I can't remember (whoops!) all made for a very cool event. And, in a massive menswear score for me, I even walked away with my very own pair of Dockers. Thank you, guys! I'll let you know how they work out for me. In the meantime, enjoy these party pics. And check back in later today for more menswear looks from Dockers.

Read below and tell me if you know the name of the DJ. I feel bad, but I really cannot remember his name!


ain't no sunshine

Aviators, oversized, cat-eyed, wayfarers... I need a new pair of sunnies! In all honesty, however, the ones below aren't exactly contenders. But since I always appreciate a good effort and that vital stamp of individuality, I couldn't help but snap away (on this very cloudy day). Enjoy the madness!

The guy below managed to snag an exclusive pic with "it"-model Freja Beha Erichsen, so maybe his look is working for him?


the black turtleneck

At the Tuileries, Paris: a black turtleneck underneath a white button down, turned up collars (not one, but two), a plethora of pins, and a taupe tote. And PS. are those drop-crotch pants? Enjoy your Menswear Monday!

The complete look, h to t:

the good life

It's Menswear Monday! Thought I'd start off this weekly series with a photo of some boys and their toys--which in this case is an amazing-looking vintage cream car. I'm not much of an automobile aficionado so maybe those of you in the know can help me out with the make and model...? My friend spotted these gentlemen in Paris, right by the Notre Dame, and we loved how old-school the scene was: the classic ride, the dapper attire, the waiter coming out for a friendly chat. How very dolce vita (circa some 1950s Fellini film). They even waved like movie stars!

Get a better look at the cars and clothes below.