It’s amazing to me how I never get bored with pants. Such a simple, unobtrusive little garment and yet there are enough interesting varieties that, year after year, I’m fixated. Historically, I’ve had my moment with slouchy boyfriends, colored denim, and harem pants to name a few. But this season, it’s all about the leather pant for me.
Back in the late 90s my girlfriends and I (on our mini high school budgets) used to scour Wilson’s Leather and the Bebe outlet for discounted bootcut leather pants. Last year I threw out about 12 pairs, which now I’m thinking was a wee bit hasty. Thankfully, to lessen my regret, the leather pant today looks pretty different than it did in 2002. And even better, there’s a version for everyone.
First style up to the bat—the amazing (how-have-I-never-conceived-of-this-before??) slouchy leather pant. Shown by a score of designers for fall, this is perhaps the most ingenious way to wear leather—a cool, casual, oh-so-flippant, I just threw this on sort of affair. Why wear sweats when you can wear leather, right? My absolute, hands-down favorite purchase this fall is a pair of these leather “sweatpants,” baggy, drop-crotch, and insanely comfortable. This easy look takes away that vampy, scary factor that might deter the regular girl from wearing leather.