powder puff girl

Whenever pastels are on the fashion horizon, like now, I’m one part fascinated by their preciousness and three parts terrified of looking like an Easter egg. 
 While I love light neutrals and blush tones, there’s something so powdery, prim, and Jordan Almond-y about true pastels. I think: cupcakes and babies and Palm Beach. I think: good God, my skin will look grey! If you have similar concerns, here are a few ways to wear the trend without looking frou-frou or washed out.

The Pastel Spectrum
The first step is to determine where you fall on the pastel-flatter spectrum. If you have a fair complexion with pink undertones, then pastels are your friend. Very deep or dark brown skin tones also look fantastic in light colors. Those in between, with medium skin and olive or golden undertones, have to be a little smarter about how we wear our pastels; otherwise we risk looking ashy. A good rule of thumb is if anything makes you look corpse-y, just say no. Conversely, wear more concealer and blush to even out your skin tone and minimizes sallowness.

Having said that, the easiest way to wear a color you’re wary about is away from your face. The ubiquitous colored pants you’ve been rocking since last year are getting a softer treatment for spring. Reds and cobalts are transitioning to blush and aqua. Pair your pastel skinnies with a breezy white blouse (buttoned to the top button with a Peter Pan collar if you’re so inclined), or a drapey tee. Just remember though, the lighter the pant, the less slimming it is.
Nail it!
Nail colors are another fun way to play with the pastel trend without investing too heavily or worrying about the washed-out effect. I’m loving a mint green nail these days or a peachy cantaloupe. To keep the look edgier, don’t get too matchy-matchy with your outfit.
Pastel Plunge
Willing to take the pastel plunge? Opt for a soft-hued chiffon blouse or dress. A printed pattern with darker colors in the mix can make it easier for South Asian skin tones to handle. I love a pale yellow with a black and gray floral print, for example, or a mint green with red or navy polka dots. A gingham pastel shirt, fresh and preppy, is another fun option for your wardrobe this spring.

If, with all these tricks, pastels are still wrong for you, settle for brighter candy colors like melon, berry, or lemon which flatter warmer skins. Whatever you do, don’t make it a tried-and-true black on black spring. Lighten up!


A stylish distraction said...

I am the same, I really love pastels, great post!!
The pastel nails are such a clever way of incorporating this trend into your wardrobe without spending too much!!

Fashionista622 said...

I'm really enjoying this pastel trend. It's nice to bring the hues down a bit from all the neons we all saw in past seasons. :)