Floral motifs are one of those patterns that, though their appeal may wane from time to time, never really go away. Across cultures, across seasons, flowers are that quintessential feminine print found in saris, kimonos, embroidered peasant tops, you name it. This spring, incorporate florals into your everyday wardrobe in a way that’s utterly 2012.

 In Bloom

Luckily, floral prints are pretty ubiquitous this season and you’ll have your pick of unique pieces. Look out for fitted floral sheaths, cropped cotton pants, flared minis, and blousy chiffon tops.

Pretty Petals

Pick either a bold floral or opt for a more delicately rendered pattern; it’s completely up to you. Personally, I’m in love with vivid hues and big splashy prints, but if you’d rather ease into your florals, then stick to soft colors and small motifs for a subtler look.

A Mixed Bouquet

The most modern and unexpected way to wear floral prints is by pairing them with other prints. Think animal, tribal, striped, paisley, or even another floral. If you want to ground your look and keep it from getting too loud, choose neutral accessories.

Flower Power

How you accessorize your outfit is obviously a matter of preference. I like to counteract the very feminine floral print by wearing it with tougher motorcycle or safari jackets or with menswear-inspired pieces like loafers and brown belts. If you’re a girly girl however, feel free to sport your ballet flats and pearls.

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