a scarf for all seasons

We're at that weird winter-spring transition where one day it's freeeeezing and the next you might as well go lay out on the beach. So what wardrobe feature gets you through that? The scarf! Here are my three favorite types— scarves that say “wow” while keeping you warm.

The Snood

Snoods have been around since the 1800s but only made their 21st century debut a few years ago. Despite the hideous name, a snood is a versatile little accessory that looks lovely on most everyone. Essentially a tubular scarf, it can be worn around the neck as a giant collar or pulled over the head like a hood for added flair. If it’s wide enough, you can pull it down around your shoulders for a shawled or caped effect. With no messy ends to deal with or tuck into your coat, a snood is a sophisticated alternative to the traditional scarf. 

The Chunky Knit

If you like a scarf with volume, envelop yourself in a chunky knit scarf this season. Cozy and oh-so-Aspen-chic, a chunky scarf looks more luxe than its anemic cousins and effortlessly adds oomph to a blah winter outfit. My favorite way to wear one is to either circle it around my neck multiple times to form a cocoon or wrap it loosely once and let the ends hang long. Avoid chunky scarves if you’re concerned about a short neck or adding bulk to your frame, but otherwise it works with most outfits and styles.

The Bold Print

While I can’t stop raving about my obsession with varied prints, for those of you who don’t want to invest in the bold colors and patterns of the season, a scarf is an easy, low-commitment way to make an impact. Choose from the plethora of leopard or southwestern prints currently available in stores or opt for a pop of neon around your neck. Personally, my favorite printed scarves these days are traditional plaids in rich shades of green and red and African tribal prints in unexpected colors like chartreuse and indigo. Since a scarf is so close to your face, just make sure to stick with hues that enhance your complexion.

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Amanne | UrbanBedouGirl.com said...

I love scarves. I have an entire drawer full of all types of scarves. Currently my favorite is the snood.