the winter waiting game

I don’t know where you’re from, but in California where I live, it’s still 80 degrees. So while I keep putting off my summer clothes storage, I can’t help but dream about my fall wardrobe—er, make that my winter wardrobe. I mean, it’s November!

And what is the most important component of a fall/winter wardrobe, you ask? Yes, you need a great pair of boots, a few fuzzy scarves, and a new showstopper handbag, but it’s your winter coat that creates the biggest and most immediate impact. It’s the item you wear everyday, what friends and coworkers see you in first—a signature piece; and yet, it amazes me how little thought people put into purchasing a winter coat. The same nondescript black coat does diligent duty for years on end. It probably doesn’t fit; it surely no longer looks current or even slightly interesting.
the sartorialist

I agree that practical is important, but how about pretty? Thankfully, this season is not about the blah, mid-thigh black coat with big shiny black buttons. (Wow, just writing that bored me.) There are countless fun options for all styles and budgets.

The first thing to consider when buying a new winter coat is a.) the climate you live in and b.) your overall personal style. Don’t pick up a floor length puffer if you live in sunny San Diego. A cropped lightweight wool jacket or sweater coat might do the trick. If you live in your casual sportswear, don’t even think about purchasing a cape. Stick to sporty anoraks or puffers. Below are a few outerwear options to consider investing in this season.


it's not easy being green

Tommy Ton from style.com

For as long as I can remember, except for a brief and requisite love affair with the color purple at age eleven, green has always been “my favorite color,” as children so fondly say. Today, upon proclaiming my love for this verdant hue to friends who still bother to ask, I inevitably receive quizzical stares, followed by: “but I never see you wear green.” While I’m pretty sure wearing one’s favorite color for said reason alone went out with middle school, I get their point. I wear every color— but green. Even on St. Patrick’s Day, you can usually catch me in black, blue, or even fuchsia.
The main reason for this deliberate oversight? Well, it’s simple really. They just don’t make many green clothes. Apparently, Americans favor red, white, and blue garments (surprise, surprise), and retailers faithfully deliver. How many green dresses do you see on the red carpet? Or at prom? Or even just walking down the street? And how many of those are worn by women without red hair?

Green has traditionally been reserved for state flags, cricket uniforms, singing puppets, and yes, redheads. I’m happy to say, however, that that’s all changing. Not only are retailers offering green to the masses, it’s also quite the fashionable color at the moment. Emerald, forest, hunter, kelly, lime, mint, olive—there are more variants in shades of green than perhaps any other color of the rainbow, and just as many sartorial options this season.
Read on to see how you can "go green" this season...


la boudoir

I'm back! I've been SO neglecting my blog these past few weeks. Life happened. Work started. A gaggle of teenagers entered my life. You know how it is. But one thing I'm no longer obsessed with (thank God!) is decorating my new place. The kinks haven't all been worked out, but the main ingredients are in place. So without further ado, here's a first, an exclusive, a sneak peak into my boudoir...
Finding the right dull gold damask drapes was my biggest challenge. The easiest-- finding
my handy dandy white satin eye mask (which I actually sleep with). Don't judge me!
I liked zebra print so much, I bought it twice! But the chair is upholstered in a subtle beige
while the rug is full-on black and white drama. To keep the rug from reading as cheesy, I
kept the color palette of the bedroom sophisticated.