three men, three ways

And it's Menswear Monday! (it seems to come around a lot, doesn't it?) Arguably Monday is your least favorite day of the week, so why not make it a little better? Or even a lot better....
I'd really like you to engage your brain here, so let's play a game. Match the man to the style! In random order, we have: All-American Bad Boy, Preppy Cazh (that's fashion for casual fyi), and Sleek & Chic. Who's wearing it and which do you prefer on your guy?


Q&A: trouser trove

Dear Fashionista,

I get that you’re into bright colored pants this season (you’ve got us all admiring red pants), but what are some other options for us color-phobes out there? I still want fun, trendy pants, but I’m not feeling this color blocking business. 

Fashionably Muted

PS. I don’t do wide legs, so some tapered options would be great.


seeing spots

photo from hc-streetstyle.blogspot.com

Quick! Think: leopard print. What comes to mind? Short, tight D&G corset dress with red heels and fishnets and much, much too much eyeliner? Wow. Me too! Poor leopard, it gets such a bad rap. It’s a resilient little print though and manages to make a comeback every few years, only to be touted as the newest, hottest, latest thing to hit the runway since, well, tribal print I suppose.

If you’re committed to “seeing spots” this fall (without having your mother question your virtue), rest assured; in its most recent interpretation, leopard isn’t nearly as racy or dated as our collective imaginations would have us believe. For some always-appropriate ways to rock this trend, read the entire article at Divanee.com.

"Seeing Spots" on Divanee.com.



Here are some of my favorite looks from the recent Anthropologie catalog. Loving capes, wide leg trousers, printed blouses and all that green for next season. And just take a look at those shoes! Tasseled mules-- who would've thought? ...but I definitely need them for fall.


these guys...

Good style isn’t about wearing the latest trends or designer looks from head to toe. It’s in the details. It’s in the simplicity of a white tee tucked in just so, a trouser that hits at the perfect spot. It’s in the tilt of a hat and the curve of your sunglasses. Good style is how you carry yourself. It’s about confidence. Knowing who you are and being comfortable in your own skin.
Here’s a pictorial homage to an always stylish, masterfully confident crew (with a couple shots of me thrown in)— an impromptu photo shoot one fine day in Los Angeles, California. Enjoy! x0


sequins and chiffon

What I wore to a midsummer night's wedding...
outfit: sheer beige maxi skirt, cropped sequined jacket, black tank, arm candy, gold snakeskin heels.
hair: side swept bangs and off-center ponytail, curled.
makeup: smokey eye, apricot cheeks, nude gloss.

sequins and chiffon


Q&A: pants on!

Every few days, I have readers write in asking for fashion advice-- how to incorporate certain trends into their wardrobe, what styles work best on them, where to buy specific items, etc. So I've been thinking... why not start a Q&A segment on the blog where I can address all your individual questions at once? Is this something you guys would be interested in seeing on here? I'll try it out for a few weeks and see how it goes! This week's question comes courtesy of "Fashionably Hopeless" of Southern California:

Dear Fashion Guru, [her words, not mine]

Where can I find a pair of non-super expensive red/green/electric blue pants? 

Fashionably Hopeless

Dear Fashionably Hopeless,

You're obviously not as hopeless as your name suggests if you're trying to get your hands on a pair of red/green/electric blue pants. Btw, we like to call that shade of blue cobalt these days. Sounds less 80's.


falling for handbags

Every year as August draws to a close, I eagerly anticipate the advent of cooler weather, crisp autumn leaves, and new beginnings— not because I haven’t enjoyed the lazy lull of summer, but because I’m ready for my year to start. Yes, you heard me. My new years begins when September rolls around...
Celine box bag, streetpeeper.com

Maybe it’s the product of having been a student for so long. And just like in the old days, I have a “back-to-school” shopping list. These days it’s less jumpers-and-notebooks and more boots-and-bags. In fact, handbags rank at the very top of my fall shopping list. What else do you wear so consistently all season? What other item pulls your look together like a fantastic handbag?

Read more on fall's latest handbags and which of them made my wishlist on Divanee.com. Enjoy! xo
Olivia Palermo with an Hermes Birkin, thesartorialist.com


runway to realway

I love hearing your feedback on my blog. It's a new project, a work-in-progress, and all your feedback is so appreciated and helpful! A few of you have written in to request blog topics-- and I promise I still have a bunch to get to! Others talk to me about improvements I can make with layout. Some of you have even told me a post inspired you to go out and buy a featured item or try out a fashion trend. I love hearing that!

Recently, an old high school friend got in touch to tell me how my post on Pakistan Fashion Week inspired her to get an outfit made. Isn't that so neat! Take a look at the side-by-side below and tell me what you think. Doesn't it look fantastic? Amal, who is your tailor and how can we get access to him? 
Thanks for the love and keep your comments coming! xo


you're so hollywood, she said

Menswear Monday's "Portrait of a Suit" series continues. Here's last week's Intellectual Sartorialist in case you missed him. (And believe me, you don't want to miss the priceless expression on his face). This week we bring you The Dapper Pinstripe Suit, sponsored by Turner Classic Movies. 
The Leading Man: It’s... Clark Gable. It’s... Howard Hughes. It’s… the time-traveling Hollywood leading man! Pinstripes and pocket squares, fedoras and trench coats-- from the top of his pomaded ‘do to the tips of his Oxfords, this dapper suit cuts a swath through 1940s Hollywood with no problem. Oh wait, there is a problem: it’s 2011. 
He’s not troubled. He tosses back brandy with his pinky raised, wears aviator goggles to and from work (subway be damned!), and makes platinum blondes everywhere swoon from the sheer force of his (tongue-less Hollywood) kiss. Must haves: shoe shine and a pen to sign autographs for his many, many, many adoring fans.



Don't know which colors work with others? Scared of looking like Rainbow Brite? Read my "how-to" on color blocking at Divanee.com to master fashion's hottest trend.


the intellectualist

How a man wears a suit says a lot about him, dontcha think? Here's part one of my "Portrait of a Suit" series, in honor of Menswear Monday.
The Intellectual Sartorialist: he can quote Sartre and Salinger, listens to obscure 70s music, and prides himself on being the anti-hipster. He veers toward mismatched fabrics, favoring houndstooth and herringbone above all. He lives by his wit and knows 16 different ways to fold a pocket square. Must haves: Either a beard or nerdy glasses. Both would be trying too hard, and this goes completely against his creed.


arm candy

The accessories that have been on my mind lately-- and up my wrist...
photo by Tommy Ton of jakandjil.com

Coco Chanel famously advised, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” While I’m usually all for minimalism, this year I’ve been a walking advertisement for the more is more camp—at least where my arm accessories are concerned. I’ve been piling on the cuffs, bangles, bracelets, and watches galore! And despite what Mademoiselle Chanel would think, fashionistas from New York to Tokyo have developed a serious taste for arm candy.

Read the full article on my arm candy obsession at Divanee.com.