urban vintage

The weekend patrol is on! Since I'm staycation-ing this summer, I'm constantly on the prowl for street style photo opps in SF. Here's what I found this weekend... and she just happened to be standing in front of a perfectly graffitied truck. ;) 


summer hair

If you’re like most women with long hair, myself included, you wear your hair like a curtain. Long, loose, hanging around your face, swinging down your back. And why shouldn’t you? You were either genetically gifted with a luscious mane or you’ve spent good time and money achieving it. But wait, we’re smack in the middle of summer and it’s 105 degrees across the country, you say? Maybe it’s time to rethink our hairy security blankets in favor of more weather-proof ‘dos. [Read the entire summer hair how-to article at Divanee.com.]  


WWII chic

Last weekend I had the dubious fortune of sitting through Captain America: The First Avenger on opening night with ten of my dear friends. It was the longest 2 hours and 2 minutes of my life. I had no car and no juice in my cell phone or I would have walked out. What did get me through the lackluster fight scenes and inane dialogue were the comic chops of Tommy Lee Jones and the charming Hayley Atwell, who played Captain America's love interest, and her outstanding wardrobe


san francisco treat

I will go on record to say that no one rocks a thick fringe like a San Franciscan-- not even Parisians, excusez-moi. Love these girls' thrown-on casual look. Very weekendy, or what I like to call blase-chic.

Not your grandfather's slippers. I want a pair of these leopard-prints, but they're sold out everywhere!

Because of this blogging thing, I sometimes get invited to fun local events here and there. No, San Francisco is no major fashion capital. We recently made it onto GQ’s list of top 40 worst dressed cities in America! (I’m not offended though, because so did virtually every other major city in the US).

But our charming little city by the bay is keeping the fashion hope alive. Besides the regulars, Levis and Gap Inc., we now have major fashion player Polyvore in our backyard and a smattering of really stylish bloggers getting nationwide attention—including Anh of 9to5chic and Blair of Atlantic-Pacific.

Recently, I made it out to a local fashion show with some fresh talent. But what really interested me was what was happening off the runway. Nothing cutting edge, obviously. Did I mention we’re in San Francisco? But it’s just as fun for me to see what outfits people put together on a regular basis, and especially the little details that make them unique. Here are a few comfy casual California looks that caught my eye. Enjoy! xo


kitten calling

In lieu of a regular blog post today, check out my article for Divanee.com on  how I became a kitten heel convert despite a closetful of soaring platform pumps with my name on them.


hats off

I'm not a big fan of hats-- unless you're trying to protect your delicate complexion from the sun or your delicate ears from the snow. Otherwise hats look a bit "I'm trying too hard" (think fedoras and berets) or "I'm not trying at all" (think baseball caps and beanies).



Hey guys, check out the article I wrote for Divanee.com on adding an exotic Indian flair to your work wardrobe this summer. I'm super excited about it-- I love a good old-fashioned "how to." xo



california casual

my summer uniform

California living has its own set of rules: eat organic, practice yoga, leave work at 6pm and commute for 1.5 hours, etc., etc. We also have our own set of fashion rules, and at the top of that list is: be casual with a capital C. (At a distant second is don't wear black, but that's for another blog post).

When pajamas are acceptable grocery store attire and gym clothes are worn all day long, what's a fashion girl supposed to do? Okay, so I'm being a tad overdramatic. But as someone who takes pride in her appearance and enjoys dressing up, sloppy jeans and havaianas just don't cut it. But then neither do motorcycle boots and hipster headgear (did I mention I live in California?).


the weekend edition

What I wore, what I typically wear.

weekend edition 7/9

Again, sorry for the grainy photo below. My camera's currently in a better place-- but I'm working on it! (confession: how much easier is it to take and upload cell phone pics?) As for the outfit: my favorite striped bateau-neck tee; oversized khaki green cotton pants; pointy flats; black leather satchel.


a wonder

I wore this outfit last week. A friend called me Wonder Woman. I wholeheartedly approved.

And here's a photo of me wearing the red, blue, and gold:



The Recessionista's Guide to Decorating: Framing art on the cheap
Erte-- fashion illustrator extraordinaire-- is often my go-to for art prints that fashion-ify my bedroom
I'm on summer vacation, but it hasn't been much of a vacation! I moved into a new home two weeks ago and spend my (very hot, very sweaty) days cleaning, organizing, scouring furniture websites, and shopping for home decor-- then returning said home decor. And so the cycle continues. That's the reason I've neglected my blog a bit. The only fashion I'm rocking these days is oversized painters' shirts and cotton pants I won't melt in; but I see no reason why I can't blog about interior design! It's a passion of mine, and after all, doesn't style extend to all aspects of one's life?



The sandy gold dress and matching hair accessory complements her warm skin tone.

An edgy hair style perfectly accents her simple buff-colored shift.

I know I've been playing with lots of bright colors recently, but flesh tones and neutrals are my forever-love. Blush, cream, and beige are always appropriate, fresh, and sophisticated. Just make sure you find the right neutral or nude for your skin type. The goal is to look less corpse-y and more classy.