guys do it too

Traditionally, red was considered a strong masculine color and during the 19th century little boys were dressed in pink and little girls wore blue, thought the softer, more feminine shade. Somewhere along the way, those lines were crossed and now-- good luck finding that pink romper for baby Johnny.


hot mess

This is why I've been so MIA lately. It's moving time! My life, not to mention my closet, room, and routine are an utter mess. You'd think I'd be a pro at it by this time, having lived in 7 rooms in 7 years, but I'm still evolving. Here are a few tips to get your stuff in order from a compulsive organizer/girl-on-the-go.

1. Try using a bookshelf to store handbags. It makes finding bags to wear with outfits that much easier in the morning and your precious purses won't get smooshed or forgotten in the recesses of your closet. Place your smaller evening bags and clutches in wicker or canvas storage boxes to keep them in place on the shelf.  Add a sheer drape drawn along the top of the bookshelf to conceal whatever is going on behind. 


blue suede shoes

Shay keeps it casual for summer without looking like a hot mess. And if it looks easy to look stylish, boys, it's because it is. A T-shirt, khakis, a spectacular watch, and a few pops of color is all you need to look this good. Ok, and a little of what your mama gave you.


summer fest

Get summer fest ready with your best bohemian looks. Some more photos from the jazz/reggae festival in LA, and how to "get the look"-- without trying too hard.
work it: tribal print explosion

bring it: woven/crocheted anything



From a jazz/reggae festival I went to in Los Angeles earlier this summer. While not usually my scene, I was pleasantly surprised by both the music (hi, Lupe) and the style lounging on the grass and loitering around the port-a-potties. In case you were wondering, music fests have a rather strict unenforced dress code. I break it down for you below: hats, beads, feathers, it's festival fashion up close-- what to sport and what to stash.
do: slouchy bohemian boots. don't: knee-high black hooker boots

don't: Louis Vuitton. do: Louis Vuitton with rasta ball 



Where in the world? 
samurai chic

Channel your inner samurai with these futuristic outfits.


man on the street

Not every moment is a fashion statement. But sometimes nothing looks better than the average Joe. One day in Hong Kong, so many men:



I posted the “royal combo” red and purple outfit yesterday and as promised, below are more deets on the hair and makeup. I did a more dramatic face than usual because I was the birthday girl after all, and hey, why not?


royal combo

I finally got a tripod for my camera and decided to test it out last weekend. With some trepidation, I offer you the results below…


red by any other name...

Hermes shop window, Paris

famed blogger Garance Dore

Three guesses as to which color keeps popping up in fashion circles? Crimson, scarlet, vermilion, poppy, yeah, yeah-- they're just fancy ways to say: RED



From an Urban Outfitters schoolboy satchel to a Louis Vuitton tote, it's all about the man bag. Question is, how can we convince every man we know to carry one around-- think of all the extra room they'd have in their pockets!



This weather is cold and dismal, and it makes me want to pull out all the nubby winter furs and cashmeres I put away in storage. So I'm doing the next best thing-- posting some cold weather photos I took this spring.  It's June, but some of these outfits are still perfect for this insane weather we're been having. Enjoy!


the hair and the stare

Check out this fab duo's outfits below. They look like an ad campaign. The only thing I'd change is...




If you're like me, you've at some point in your life been enthralled by the underbelly of Chicago in the 1920s-- speakeasies, bootlegging, Al Capone's goons. The Jazz Age imagery, with its fringed flappers dancing away frenetically to the Charleston, is rooted deep into our culture with classics like The Untouchables and The Great Gatsby.