lights camera action

I kind of love this photo. It was taken by the official Charity Fashion Show photographer and pretty much sums up what I was doing all night. If you missed my show coverage, you can see more by clicking on the links below. Otherwise, happy long weekend! It's my favorite of the year. :)


modern maharani

where in the world?
inspiration: Mughal India, 18th century

Mughal emperors ruled the Indian subcontinent from the 16th to the 19th centuries. It was a time of courtly elegance and ostentation, of the Taj Mahal, dancing courtesan, and jewels as big as birds' eggs. So what would a Mughal princess wear today without looking like an overdone fashion "don't"? 


gentlemen prefer...

 ...blondes, you say? And I hear they have more fun too! While I refuse to elaborate on the veracity of that statement (having had all naturally-occurring hair colors under the rainbow), I can tell you that they do appear with much more frequency in California. In New York, Paris, and Milan, these flaxen unicorns are a rarity indeed. But I did manage to catch a few. 


boys by the bay

This Menswear Monday let's take a look at some of the boys from San Francisco. They're rockers, they're prepsters, they're everything in between. But flip-flops and shorts-a'sporting, they are not. Enjoy!


veiled beauty

I covered a fashion show on behalf of altmuslimah.com recently. Here's a link to the article and below are some more photos of the collection. Enjoy!


to the max

By now you probably know I'm pretty sold on maxi skirts, and you've seen how I wear them during the day: paired with chunky sweaters and sleek accessories. But there are so many other ways to sport this style.


cannes 5

Uma looks better than ever, and Salma looks like she just won the Miss Universe crown (but I included her anyway, mostly because I knew you'd want to see her...). As for the rest of these ladies-- lovely! See if you can spot Clemence Poesy aka Fleur Delacour of Harry Potter fame.

cannes 4

 More bests from Cannes. Check out Kirsten Dunst in a color that I always assume blondes can't wear and yet, she kills it! And the body on that Bar-- wowza!

cannes 3

Take a look at what Johnny and Penelope are sporting, plus a few of the more casual photo opps.


riviera chic

Cannes: glamorouseccentric.com
Sorry my "where in the world" is a little delayed this week, but it is timely. With that little film festival in full swing across the pond, what better location to inspire us than Cannes?

spring fling

First off, thanks for all of your support on the Glamour.com feature today! It means so much to me. I was one of the lucky few Polyvore members that got to show off her favorite spring look, and of course, I went with comfy neutrals. Big surprise! :)

What did actually surprise me was your interest in my hair! A few of you asked for hair how-to tips, so I've written up some pointers below. You can also take a peak at the rest of my "Spring Fling" shoot for Glamour.com, or the outtakes I suppose, courtesy of photographer extraordinaire Ayoob Syed. 


cannes 2

More of the best looks from Cannes, in no particular order. Ok fine, starting with Brad and Angelina.

cannes 1

It's that time of year again... when the glitziest who's who of stars parades down the runway for eleven whole days, offering us a panoply of silk charmeuse, tulle, lace, and vaseline-d smiles. Oh yes, and then there are the films. Because of course I'm talking about the Cannes Film Festival


all the pretty ducks

So you say you're a man's man (or a boy's boy as the case may be). And it's Menswear Monday, after all. Here are some dudes that decidedly do not look like ladies-- all the Docker's ducks in a row:

kelly green and printed pants

When you and your man both want to wear the same outfit...

kelly green and printed pants

Rick owen
$1,600 - net-a-porter.com

Lycra legging
$635 - alexandermcqueen.com

Liliana embossed handbag
$189 - voguette.com

a walk on the wild side

Menswear Monday need never be boring with the likes of these four guys walking around. Granted, most of them are in Paris or some other jetsetting capital of the world. But lucky you, you always have access to them on street number eight. ;)



I last saw this color combo in art class in primary school (pun intended) and on a superhero near you, but now this trifecta of red, yellow, and blue is everywhere this season. Not for the faint of heart, one must embrace their inner Wonder Woman to try these items on for size:


brighten up

red, yellow, and more

More lovely incentive to wear brights this season... and t0 do it fearlessly! like you're still in junior high. (blue eyeliner optional).

color blocked

Anh, SF blogger extraordinaire of 9to5chic, sports my favorite outfit in a long time. I spotted her in a crowd of fashionably-attired fashion folk and descended on her like a frenzied paparazzo. And this was before we were even introduced.


disco fever


Studio 54: I probably don't even have to say more, and that phrase conjures up all sorts of images for you-- decadence, debauchery, glamour, the louche and loose 70s. That's our "Where in the World" outfit inspiration this week, from day to night to disco and back, courtesy of Anita B. of San Jose. Enjoy!


hong kong by night

Take a walk with me though Kowloon, past the night market and on to the waterfront harbour for a view of Hong Kong Island.


boy meets girl

I wish I could dress like this every day. The girl (photographed by the Sartorialist here) is just perfection to me.

boy meets girl

Hel Och Ren white tee
$45 - generalpants.com.au

Miu Miu pleated pants
$380 - net-a-porter.com

Gold chain pendant
2.010 EUR - stylebop.com

House of Harlow 1960 feather necklace
43 GBP - my-wardrobe.com

Leather belt
65 GBP - coggles.com

I'm always wary of wearing regular khakis because it feels too boyish even for me, but these uber-wide pants offer a nice, feminine twist. She looks effortless and most important-- comfortable! If you want to "shop this look" here are some more options, and a girlier way to interpret it:



Now I know I usually post pics of clothes, but this ad was just too stylish to pass up. I'm melting over the colors-- the orange against the gray, taupe, and beige backdrop, not to mention the sleek design of the car. Really, it goes to show you that great design is great design regardless of the object. Swoon (and I'm not even a car girl).

(Thanks, Jukes, for putting this in my way.)

mcqueen's reign

The Friday Roundup-- it's been a glamorous week in the fashion world, what with the royal wedding and the Met Gala. And it's been quite the triumph for the House of McQueen too. Not only did Sarah Burton of McQueen design Kate Middleton's wedding dress, but only three days later the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City opened its "Savage Beauty" exhibition paying tribute to the late Alexander McQueen's genius. We lost the designer last year to suicide, but his name is still on everyone's lips. And for good reason. Take a look at some amazing pieces from the House of McQueen below. 


burlap and leather

I need advice on my new spring bag. I fell in lust as soon as I saw it, which is my number one requirement when purchasing important wardrobe additions. It just felt so me-- a bit casual, a classic shape, a little rocker edge. 

The bag in question? An Alexander Wang made of burlap (yes, that's potato sack material) with accents of leather and chrome. But... I haven't purchased an investment piece or a handbag in aaaaages, so I want to make sure I'm making the right decision. What do you think? 

And more photos of The Bag, including my instagrammed glamour shots:

met gala: best of the best

You've seen dozens of pics from this week's Met Gala, but it's time to make some important decisions. Who was the best of the best? Here's a round-up of my favorite looks of the night-- the top 8, naturally. What does your list look like?


edwardian elegance

It's "Where in the World" Wednesday, and this week the Royal Wedding is still buzzing. So when Claire from Sydney, Australia wrote in to ask for an English-inspired set from the early 1900s, it only seemed royally fitting.

When and Where: England at the turn of the century, also knows as the Edwardian era for Queen Victoria's son King Edward VII (Prince William's great-great-great-grandfather) who came to power in 1901. It was a time of frilly elegance, exaggerated silhouettes, and a movement toward greater female emancipation. In that spirit, here are three outfits for a modern woman via the early 20th century-- for work, the weekend, and just for fun. And scroll down to see real fashions from the era.

Edwardian Elegance


met gala: teen queens

So I know not all these lovely ladies are teens per se, but they are very, very young. And adored by teen girls (and boys) everywhere-- including this not-so-teenaged girl herself. What they lack in years, the young Hollywood celeb set make up for in style gumption, as exhibited at the Met's Costume Institute Gala last night. Enjoy!
I wish more high school kids dressed like this for Prom-- Dakota Fanning
is a breath of fresh spring air in a tulle dress with floral appliques.

I like that Glee star Dianna Agron doesn't bank on her angelic good looks
 but opts for riskier styles. This simple glamazon style with gold cuff and
severe hair suits her-- inner warrior and all.

met gala: high risk

High risk, high reward? Sometimes. But then other times-- oh no no no no! These stars exhibited quite the risky (fashion) behavior at last night's Met Gala, and while I always appreciate the effort, a few of them had me shaking my head. And the rest, well I kind of want to high-five them. I know you won't always agree with me on the below, but that's why I want to hear your thoughts. Enjoy!
Socialite and style maven Daphne Guinness in Alexander McQueen
has the fashion chops to pull of this incredible feathered gown.

Vogue editor-at-large and fashion personality Andre Leon Talley looks
majestic and Met-worthy in his voluminous blue robe.