royal wedding 1981

To remind you what it was like last time around...

golden lock

Here's to more gorgeous color combos-- marigold and fuschia. A beautiful girl in Zac Posen and a feather-bedecked topper. Love those curling tresses!


the golden apple

Thank you all for your wonderful submissions for this week's "Where in the World: Wednesday." As a former history major and perpetual traveler, I love hearing what places and eras inspire you. So let's get on with it! A big shout out to Sandy F. of Calgary who wrote in an asked to see a modern-day wardrobe take on her inspiration: mythic Greece. I hadn't thought of a make-believe place/time... but why not?

where: Mount Olympus, Greece (home of the Gods)
when: once upon a time...
who: three famed goddesses (yes, the ones who fought over Paris's golden apple)
what: three outfits-- day, night, and at the royal court on Mt. Olympus
why: because we want to see what they'd  wear today!

1. Hera-- Queen of the Gods, goddess of marriage, wife of Zeus
Hera: Queen of the Gods

Ever regal and stately, Hera is a no-nonsense goddess who exudes glamour, strength, and femininity. Just beware of that jealous streak. For daytime it's wide-legged trousers, a belted top, and structured bag-- conservative and classic but always attention-getting with warm metallic accents. At night the earthy grecian goddess makes her appearance in an olive-green draped dress with luxe nature-inspired accessories. And finally, it's all royal splendor when Hera takes her place as Queen on the throne of Mount Olympus, bedecked in white and gold.

2. Aphrodite-- Goddess of Love and Sex



Turbans have gone quite mainstream of late, with design houses like Prada at the helm of this trend. Traditionally worn by men in the Middle East and South Asia, turbans have made an appearance in almost all parts of the world. Alexander Pope was known to don them in 17th century England and women of Africa wear them to this day. The turban entered modern Western consciousness in the age of Hollywood glamour when screen sirens like Elizabeth Taylor sported them. These days, everyone from the Olsen twins to fashion blogger The Man Repeller to the girl I met in SF a few weeks ago have made the style their own. And you know I'm going to ask...do you dare? Or is this style just too "exotic" for you?

Prada. Getty images

Any idea where the word turban comes from? You'll probably never guess what popular European export derives its name from turban.


ducks in a row 2

How do you style your khakis? Neon prepster or lumberjack hipster?

See what's below the belt, because after all, shoes are key.

ducks in a row 1

Making Dockers look fiiiiine. First part in a series of looks featuring khakis (and models) of various shades. 

More shots below. And let me know how you'd style this wardrobe basic in the comments section.


A couple of weeks ago I told you that Atif Kazmi of men's blog Por Homme took me to a few events in New York City. Well, it's Menswear Monday and I've finally gotten around to posting some pics. First up: the Dockers party, celebrating their timeless flat-front khakis. Male models lined up in a row, manly hors d'oeuvres in the form of sliders and BLTs, a full bar, and a well-known DJ whose name I can't remember (whoops!) all made for a very cool event. And, in a massive menswear score for me, I even walked away with my very own pair of Dockers. Thank you, guys! I'll let you know how they work out for me. In the meantime, enjoy these party pics. And check back in later today for more menswear looks from Dockers.

Read below and tell me if you know the name of the DJ. I feel bad, but I really cannot remember his name!


i wouldn't, would u?

The title is pretty self-explanatory here. If you caught this morning's post on the bizarro sunglasses I've been seeing out and about, you'll know I've been inspired by the madness. But... that's still a far cry from me actually going out and buying these sunglasses, and then having the gumption to wear them. So-- I wouldn't wear these, but would you? Share!

ain't no sunshine

Aviators, oversized, cat-eyed, wayfarers... I need a new pair of sunnies! In all honesty, however, the ones below aren't exactly contenders. But since I always appreciate a good effort and that vital stamp of individuality, I couldn't help but snap away (on this very cloudy day). Enjoy the madness!

The guy below managed to snag an exclusive pic with "it"-model Freja Beha Erichsen, so maybe his look is working for him?


che bella

I went to Paris, and I fell in love. Literally, was transfixed by this woman: her poise, her strong features, her monochromatic outfit with the fur to die for. And clearly she was a "somebody." Didn't realize till much later that I was beholding the incomparable Giovanna Battaglia, onetime Italian model, former L'uomo Vogue editor, and favorite subject of fashion bloggers 'round the world. She recently made the move stateside to NYC for "personal reasons" as NYMag.com and her rep tell us, so here is my big welcome to Gio, the most fascinating woman I saw in Paris. Benvenuto!

More pics of Giovanna out on the town... 


shanghai surprise

Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express, 1932

I've explained how "Where in the World Wednesday" works (I need a where and when from you), but here's my example. Recently I received an invite to attend my very first mystery party, a themed affair involving costumes and playacting. The title: "Missing Brushstrokes in Beijing." The scenario: "The US Ambassador to China and his wife invite you to a night of crime-solving adventure. Join us as we seek to uncover who has stolen a prized painting from the embassy, a gift from China's Paramount Leader..." How genius are my friends! The party's not for a few weeks, but it did get me thinking-- China, embassy, crime, political intrigue, hmmm... 

Where: The American embassy, Shanghai (because it conjures up more mystique for me than Beijing)
When: 1930s (was any era more glamorous?)

What: General Xiao Li has been murdered! (because my mind runs to violent crime?)
Who: a cast of Mystery Ladies, guests of the Ambassador, any one of whom could be a lethal murderess. (with a killer wardrobe to match!) Can you guess whodunit? Keep reading below to find out.

where in the world wednesday

I'm really excited to introduce you all to my new weekly feature "where in the world wednesday," especially since I'll need your help doing it! If you've been following my blog for a while now, you'll know I'm constantly inspired by my travels around the world-- by panoramic vistas, by street corners, by slices of life and location captured on film. Different cities I visit suggest not only a new way of  looking at life, but also a unique style of dressing. Laid-back and casual in Cali isn't always appropriate in the see-and-be-seen vibe of metropolitan NYC, for example. 

So...what this means is that I want you to tell me the city, country, or area that inspires you (in any capacity, not just style-wise). Been on a recent trip to Africa? Does your family hail from Kiev? Have a random fascination with Genghis Khan's Mongolia? I want to hear it!

But wait, there's more... I'm a massive history buff and categorize most clothing by era (as in the 1950s meets Edwardian at Marc Jacobs), so I also want that time period that captures your fancy. And yes, it can be modern or future or ancient--no restrictions. I've been obsessed with 1917 Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, with post-war Paris in the 20s, and turn-of-the-century Gilded Age New York, to name just a few. Maybe post-apocalyptic Idaho floats your boat, I don't judge! :)

Just tell me the when and the where, I'll give you the who and create a contemporary outfit from your global inspiration. It doesn't require anything fancy on your part: a comment left on a blog post, a tweet, an email to streetnumbereight@gmail.com, or a message on my Facebook page. I'll post an example inspiration set later today to give you an idea of what I'm thinking. Looking forward to hearing from you! x0



Summer is fast approaching, so I'm taking full advantage of these last few chilly days we have left by sneaking in as many fall/winter clothes as I can-- tall boots, chunky sweaters, and fur-lined everything. I bought this faux fur vest several seasons ago at my favorite Zara on 59th and Lex (not sure why but I always find the best stuff at that particular location). My alpaca vest, as I refer to it lovingly, is a major go-to in my closet because, with its oversized asymmetric lines and boho-chic vibe, it just makes every outfit that much more fun!

I don't think this vest is available in stores any longer, but I've found a few similar ones that I like. Take a look below and tell me which one works best with your wardbrobe.


the black turtleneck

At the Tuileries, Paris: a black turtleneck underneath a white button down, turned up collars (not one, but two), a plethora of pins, and a taupe tote. And PS. are those drop-crotch pants? Enjoy your Menswear Monday!

The complete look, h to t:

the good life

It's Menswear Monday! Thought I'd start off this weekly series with a photo of some boys and their toys--which in this case is an amazing-looking vintage cream car. I'm not much of an automobile aficionado so maybe those of you in the know can help me out with the make and model...? My friend spotted these gentlemen in Paris, right by the Notre Dame, and we loved how old-school the scene was: the classic ride, the dapper attire, the waiter coming out for a friendly chat. How very dolce vita (circa some 1950s Fellini film). They even waved like movie stars!

Get a better look at the cars and clothes below.


the pixie

Time and again I'm fascinated by platinum blondes of all types, but I'm especially drawn to that  mischievous, tantalizing little pixie cut. Wispy blonde locks, side-swept bangs, an exposed nape. Maybe it's the devil-may-care attitude it implies, that irreverence towards traditional notions of flowing-tressed female beauty, or maybe it's just because I don't have the gumption to cut my own hair that short! But regardless, if I see a cropped platinum do, you better believe I'm going to stop and stare. Or in the following cases, click away like a besotted photog.

And here are some pics of famous ladies who've recently made the switch from long and lovely to cropped and edgy. What do you think? hot or not? 

genie in a bottle

I've been getting lots of requests for more personal style photos. The reason you haven't seen much of me lately is because, well... I'd rather be behind the camera than in front of it. It's just a little bit embarrassing having pictures of yourself taken, editing them, and then selecting which ones to post. And it's hard to be objective! But having said that, I'm your typical girly-girl and love getting dressed up every once in a while so I may as well share the results. :) Below is my outfit for the Charity Fashion Show in SF a few weeks ago. Scroll down for more details on the specifics and how to get the look-- in a way that won't break the bank. And please, get in touch if you've ever proudly worn gold lamé pants!

photos by my sis-in-law Sanaa. thanks!

And because it's hard for me to keep a straight face....


por homme

As some of you know, I've been gallivanting about NYC for a few days now-- meeting up with friends and contacts, going to events, drooling over shoes, and eating my way through the town! That's why it's been a while since my last blog post. I keep getting distracted by all the sights, sounds, and shiny objects in shop windows along 5th Ave. But I did want to take a minute and introduce you to a friend, fellow blogger, and frequent habitué of best-dressed lists across the city-- Atif Kazmi of successful menswear blog Por Homme and freelance writer for AskMen.com. He took me along to some pretty cool events in the city (more on that later!), but of course I had to photograph his street style about 2 seconds into meeting up with him. Two-toned brown oxfords, slim cropped trousers, gray wool jacket, checked shirt, and oh-so-chic man bag. Would we call this look preppy-classic? Take a look and tell me what you think about Atif's ensemble!

Click below for some more detail shots of the man behind Por Homme.


from the front row

The organizers of Charity Fashion Show were kind enough to seat yours truly in the front row-- so not only did I get a stellar view of all the action on the runway, but I got to mingle with the lovely ladies of Polyvore and bloggers extraordinaire Anh of 9to5chic and Amy of Broke in the City. If you missed my fellow bloggers, you can catch a peak of them in my last post *here.* (Both fashionistas of course were right on trend, with color-blocking to die for: Anh is carrying the yellow Chanel clutch with a pink top and Amy sports the blue woven bag and red dress.)

As for these runway photos, wish I could show you all the looks-- but the fashion show was an hour and 45 minutes!! So here is a small sampling, not of my favorite looks necessarily, but just a few shots that I think turned out to be kind of interesting. You'll see for yourself that I was a huge fan of the big, fuzzy, teased hair worn by many of the models. Notable collections included Future Heretics, FrockLA, Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel, Naeem Khan, and Nicole Richie's line Winter Kate. Enjoy!

Click below for more fashion and action shots from the runway.