Krizia Fall Fashion 2011  I have a major weakness for pants this season, and Krizia offered some of the coolest. High-waisted and baggy, sleek and leather, louche and silky-- I'm spoiled for choice! And the peaked shoulders on the long coats: fabulous. Basically, I'd take everything below but the short blonde wigs.

roman holiday

As we say goodbye to Italy and usher in Paris fashion week, I wanted to post some of my photos from the eternal city... the Pantheon, the Vatican, the Coliseum. Ciao!


little french arab girl

Bottega Veneta Fall Fashion 2011  There's nothing I don't love about the Bottega Veneta looks below. The eastern-influenced intricate beading, whimsical prints, subtle lace details; even the tweed pants are a win.


Scenes from Florence: bridges, bikes, and the Sabine woman. Sadly, no David.

snow cocoon

Jil Sander Fall Fashion 2011  On the heels of his insta-hit spring collection for Jill Sander, Raf Simons delivered another outstanding collection in Milan, sure to please his legions of fans who have come to expect minimalism, bold architectural shapes, and jolts of color. The anti body-conscious looks that dominated the show played with a 60s silhouette: curved shoulders, cropped sleeves, funnel necks, and egg-shaped dresses and coats reminiscent of Cristobal Balenciaga. The more streamlined looks had an athletic-wear aesthetic to them-- sleek, cut close to the body, and complete with ski-like head gear. This juxtaposition of retro meets new-age ski wear may seem odd, but it was all modern mastery in the hands of Raf Simons.

lake como

George Clooney has a home off of Lake Como, and likes to squire his guests around on his yacht. Sadly, I wasn't asked this year. But I managed to have a lovely time anyway! Enjoy these Italian excursion photos.


to the best dressed...

The Oscars are only hours away and most celebrities have already locked down their designer dresses with the help of an efficient, sleep-deprived Hollywood stylist. Below I've picked out my top contenders from fall fashion week: not what I expect Nicole, Natalie, or Hailee to wear, but what I want to see on that red carpet-- lots of glitz, glamour, and some risky choices.

Oscar de la Renta

motorcycles and lilac

Vignettes from Bellagio...

officer and a gentleman

Moschino Fall Fashion 2011  Sharp uniform-style blazers, ruffled Spanish Infanta-esque collars, and gold lame maxi skirts? There's no rhyme or reason there, but it looked rather smart at Moschino.

bella vista

In a continued celebration of the Italian spirit, I'll be posting a few photos from an excursion to Lake Como and nearby Bellagio-- among the most beautiful and quaint places I've ever visited. Nestled among the hills around Lake Como, the cobblestoned streets of Bellagio wind up gracefully around stuccoed homes and picturesque shopfronts. In places, the ground is tiled with mosaics and even the trash cans are molto bello.


extra, extra

D&G Fall Fashion 2011  For their contemporary line, Monsignors Dolce and Gabbana are all about Fun with a capital F. Newsprint, neon colors, Converse on a runway (gasp!). Who wears this you ask? The very cheeky, privileged tween set I imagine. And not only will they look adorable, they'll be reading. Now that's what I call a fashion education! ;)


return to innocence

Prada Fall Fashion 2011  Fashion is a thought process for Miuccia Prada, and her style ethos is completely unique in the industry. She gives us a cerebral beauty-- androgynous and anti-sex, often whimsical or surreal, and with a nod to the past. 
This season she expressed an interest in a return to innocence while paradoxically using glitzy, grown-up elements like snakeskin, sequins, and fur. The waists were low (a la the 1920s), the skirts were A-line (referencing the mod 60s), the fabric plied with shiny paillettes. And the results? Glamorous girly geek. How very Prada.

youth culture

MaxMara Fall Fashion 2011  MaxMara generally goes down as a "mature" fashion line in my book, for women of a certain age, those ladies who lunch... and their mothers. But I was pleasantly surprised by thee latest collection, or maybe I just took a closer look this season. Yes, the clothes were sophisticated as always, but the clean minimalist lines, fur-blocking, and tartan prints are completely in tune with current trends. With the right styling and accessories, these clothes are definitely young lady-appropriate (lunching optional).


italian autumn

Fendi Fall Fashion 2011  One word to describe Karl Lagerfeld's collection for Fendi: autumnal. Shades of ochre, pumpkin, olive, and chocolate abounded. And with the prim chiffon tartan-print blouses, knee-length skirts, cropped trousers, and colored tights, it felt a bit like back-to-school for the preppy jet-setter. But childish the clothes were not. Luxurious furs and shearlings, swing coats, and architectural shapes leant a grown up panache that was all Fendi.

milanese morning

Some photos from in and around the Milan Cathedral and its surrounding square. If you're ever in town, you must climb up to the rooftop of the cathedral for spectacular views of the city and an up-close examination of the intricacies of Gothic architecture.

the Duomo



Gucci Fall Fashion 2011  Lush, decadent, sleek-- that is what Gucci is supposed to look like. And Frida Gianini did not disappoint with her latest collection for the iconic brand that celebrates its 90th birthday this year. The rich color palette alone was drool-worthy, with nary a jewel-tone left untapped: aquamarine, teal, cobalt, chartreuse, ruby, plum, amethyst. The vibe of the collection was 70s jet-setter meets 40s glamour girl, with luxurious fur stoles, long skirt suits, baggy mens trousers, and pussycat bow blouses aplenty. The show-stoppers were sheer chiffon dresses with floral appliques, soon to be the envy of Hollywood starlets everywhere. If you can't tell, I kind of love this collection. Can't wait to see the impact it has for fall!

ciao, milano

...and Milan Fashion week has begun! Gucci, Prada, Versace, Armani-- need I say more? Here's looking forward to a week of glamour, luxury, and massive style seduction. My outfit of choice, inspired by the laid-back rocker chic of homegrown Italian fashionistas: an olive tiered blazer, oversized men's shirt, black leather shorts, chunky 5" buckled platforms (because how else does a girl navigate the cobblestoned streets of Italy?), a large canvas tote to fit my life in, and stacked bangles (for what would an Italian-wannabe be without gold jewelry?) Smudge my eyeliner and definitely do not style my hair, and I think I'm ready for my close-up Milano style. Ciao!


Aquascutum Fall Fashion 2011  Layers, clean lines, a limited color palette, oversized coats, and a smattering of fur, here's a collection after my own heart.

prints: charming

Matthew Williamson Fall Fashion 2011  Known for his quirky colorful prints, Matthew Williamson had plenty to offer this season: fair isle, check, herringbone, ethnic, tribal, abstract. Take your pick.

boy envy

Paul Smith Fall Fashion 2011  Are we quite sure Paul Smith didn't steal from my closet? My dream closet that is. And as much as it surprises/unnerves me that it's a closet full of menswear, there you have it. I long for slouchy pants, shrunken and oversized blazers, patent loafers, cardigans, brown belts...  For those of you more femininely-inclined, no need to wear the menswear look head to toe a la Paul Smith. Try pairing a borrowed-from-the-boys blazer with a floral chiffon dress and heels, or a cropped pinstripe trouser with a sequin tank. Cheers!


an afghan in london

Osman Fall Fashion 2011  Osman Yousefzada looked to his Afghan roots for his latest collection, but it was a subtle reference. If tunics over baggy pants mirrored the shalwar kameez of the region, did his long loose dresses and coats hint at the burqa?


Burberry Prorsum Fall Fashion 2011  The snowy finale of Christopher Bailey's show may have been all that is whimsical and magical, but rather underwhelming was the rest of his collection for Burberry Prorsum. His is among my favorite lines with its modern edgy-meets-classic-British sensibility. This season, not only was the styling of the show subpar, but the looks seemed less than new, like something we've seen countless times both this season and in seasons past. True, he did look to the past for his inspiration-- 60's supermodel and icon Jean Shrimpton was the muse, but there was nothing so very captivating for a modern fashionite. The best moments of the show involved exaggerated or fur-lined shoulders and sleeves... and the snow of course. Cheers!

country gardens

So you think England is gray? It also happens to be greener than most places I've visited. Here are my photos on an excursion to Hampstead Heath and to Kew Gardens, with its magnificent glass greenhouse (which nurtures palm trees and gargantuan lily pads!) and King George's rather modest brick palace. Cheers!


along the thames

Shots of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament at various times of day. Touristy, yes, but this is still one of my favorite areas to stroll along the Thames, simply for its pure majesty even amidst the everyday bustle.


anglophilia untamed

From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, the Union Jack to the tube sign-- here are London landmarks to live by. Sorry, no double decker. Cheers!

damask and ocelot

Clements Ribeiro Fall Fashion 2011  Two days into London fashion week and I've already found my favorite day dress thus far: the exquisitely-printed red damask/ocelot midi-length silk (picture 3). 


technicolor dream

Louise Gray Fall Fashion 2011 You mean you don't wear balloons as headgear? That's what British designer Louise Gray sent down her runway, along with layers of pixellated tartan prints in cartoony colors, polka-dotted boots and confetti as face makeup. Playful, yes. Subversive, certainly. Wearable, that depends entirely on you.