seen about town: the pink scarf

A rainy day. Sunday brunch. Weekend wear.
I love it when guys incorporate a little unexpected color into their outfits. Accents of hot pink, lime green, and pale purple work effortlessly on him.

get the look:


who wore what when and why: screen actor's guild awards

hottest trend of the night: color splash!
Reds, oranges, and pinks ruled the runway at Sunday night's SAG awards.

Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen

Juliana Margulies

Sarah Hyland

Hailee Steinfeld

Jennifer Lawrence in Oscar de la Renta

Jayma Mays

Angie Harmon in Monique Lhuiller
Hilary Swank in Versace


betty draper style

how to look like a bored housewife:
1. dangle a cigarette idly from your mouth
2. dangle a baby idly from your hip
3. give advice like: "you don't kiss boys, boys kiss you."

1. a demure neckline
2. one strand of pearls tucked into said demure neckline
3. driving gloves, preferably to be used while simultaneously steering Cadillac and applying red lipstick.

Betty Draper Style


have you met ms. jones?

I was late to the Mad Men party but made up for it over the holidays. In three weeks, I caught up on four seasons of madness, and loved every minute of it. Gripping characters, snappy dialogue, methodically-researched historical details-- yes, yes, and yes!  But what most entranced me might just have been… yep, you guessed it-- the icy perfection of bored 1960s housewife Betty Draper.

January Jones couldn't have been more perfectly cast. With her patrician looks, she easily captures Betty Draper's refined glamour and provides a foil for the flashier, "modern" women working at the Sterling-Cooper ad agency.

girl of the month

Versace's 2011 ad campaign

GQ magazine spread

awards show darling

January's own style is more edgy than retro chic, and this budding fashion icon rarely plays it safe on the red carpet. Case in point-- the Red Dress Seen 'Round the World. You'd have to be hiding under a rock to have missed the fringed, slashed-up/down-to-there Versace gown she wore to this year's Golden Globes.  

Here she is in some of my favorite looks-- our answer to Grace Kelly, the new face of Versace, soon-to-be X-men superhero: the inimitable Miss Jones!

blue blood

I wasn't crazy about this look at first, but I appreciate January's individual style. So many starlets strap themselves into perfectly boring, beaded, stylist-approved gowns. But cookie-cutter January is not. And the more I look at this electric blue Versace number, the fresher it seems. What do you think?

in Versace at the 2010 Emmys

The exquisite corsetry, the feather-like detail, the sassy asymmetrical hemline, it suits her perfectly. The tousled hair and subtle makeup keep her from looking stiff or fussy. 

for details on January's look, see makeup artist Rachel Goodwin's blog post:

An ice queen who sizzles in sky blue. I have nothing to say about the look below but: flawless! 

Ok, I have a little more to say. Coral lips, Veronica Lake waves = wow! The dress even has pockets. I'll take one in every color, Donatella, thanks.

in Versace at the 2009 Golden Globes

black and red

Lady in red, and arguably the best dressed lady at the party. January spotted this dress on the Versace runway in blue and requested a red version to wear to this year's Globes. And needless to say, it created quite the sensation! (as in Ryan Seacrest's eyes nearly popped out of his skull while interviewing her).

in Versace at the 2011 Golden Globes

January first arrested my attention when I caught a glimpse of her in this Lanvin creation at the 2010 Golden Globes.  Well, I caught a glimpse of the black headband and red lips. It was love at first sight. Most major movie stars wouldn't have the chutzpah to pull off this look, let alone a burgeoning TV starlet.

in Lanvin at the 2010 Golden Globes
for more on January's makeup that night:

woman in white

When I read that reviews were mixed for the cream confection below, I was actually shocked. The way the tightly-constructed geometrical bodice leads into yards of flowing fabric-- utter genius on the part of Donatella Versace. (January is certainly a loyal customer!)

in Versace at the 2009 Emmys

This flouncy corseted gown doesn't capture my fancy like some of January's other choices, but she's tres charmant from the neck up. The wispy hair just barely contained by rows of mismatched sparkling headbands adds whimsy and youth to an otherwise traditional silhouette.

in Dolce Gabbana at the 2008 Emmys

Are you mad for January? Then stay tuned for Betty Draper style… and how you too can look like a bored housewife.