sweet skimmers

While I adore heels as much as the next girl (but slightly less than your average dude), they don't make a daily appearance in my life. At work, I'm on my feet all day. After work, well, I live in casual Cali where heels are definitely optional. Instead of despairing and letting this kill my fashion mojo, I've wholeheartedly embraced flats and decided I will not let them impede my fashionability one bit. Lucky for me, and anyone else who wants to be comfy + cute, we have loads of options to choose from!

The past two years, I was all about menswear-inspired loafers, boat shoes, and moccasins; but this year, I'm channeling my more lady-like side. (It happens once in a while). I'm loving dainty little flats with bows, glitter, leopard print, and embellishments. Take a look at my round-up and tell me what you think! xo


Amanne | UrbanBedouGirl.com said...

I've recently decided to embrace fashionable flats. There are definitely a lot of cute flat options now. I adore the last two flats you have up here!

Anonymous said...

love this feature! especially love the flats that you showcased! the red patent ones remind me of a more chic version of these London Sole ballerina flats (henrietta) i recently purchased (in practical plain black leather). I've had good luck with Vera Wang Lavender flats too. You are lucky you're TALL, my friend :) Recently embracing flats for me included not only wanting comfort, but also being at peace with my short-ness =P

- DL