la boudoir

I'm back! I've been SO neglecting my blog these past few weeks. Life happened. Work started. A gaggle of teenagers entered my life. You know how it is. But one thing I'm no longer obsessed with (thank God!) is decorating my new place. The kinks haven't all been worked out, but the main ingredients are in place. So without further ado, here's a first, an exclusive, a sneak peak into my boudoir...
Finding the right dull gold damask drapes was my biggest challenge. The easiest-- finding
my handy dandy white satin eye mask (which I actually sleep with). Don't judge me!
I liked zebra print so much, I bought it twice! But the chair is upholstered in a subtle beige
while the rug is full-on black and white drama. To keep the rug from reading as cheesy, I
kept the color palette of the bedroom sophisticated.

French country meets Hollywood Regency was the look I was going for, and I knew I wanted warm yellow walls to capture the warmth of the afternoon sun. So... I went out to Home Depot, bought myself some yellow paint, and got to work! Yes, surprisingly, I can be handy when I want to. The whole affair only took me a few hours and I adore the end result. In fact, it motivated me to the point that I've now painted three other rooms in the house!
Botanical prints are so easy to overlook but I love their vintage and almost nerdy appeal.
The yellow of the walls doesn't really translate in these photos. It's much softer and lighter,
more of a daffodil than this bright canary yellow you're seeing. That would be blinding!
Soft, bold, feminine, and vintage: those are the elements I like in my bedroom, as
evidenced by the colors and textures here. And I die for my yellow damask bedsheets.

As for patterns, I played with a mix of damask florals and stripes, and for that dose of glamour-- why, animal print, of course! I added a sheepskin rug for warmth at the foot of my bed, a plush velvet tufted headboard for some vintage flair, and gold and glass accessories for a little sheen. I've got an antique light fixture and dainty white chest, my framed Erte fashion illustrations, and a few botanical prints around the room.
I bought this gilt-edged Marie Antoinette mirror for a steal! It's one of my favorite pieces.
DIY artwork by famed fashion illustrator Erte. If you missed my post on framing these
babies, check out
"the recessionista's guide to decorating"

So what's left? Well, a girl can't go wrong with fresh flowers in her den. I'm thinking a small bowl of short stemmed yellow roses, or a dramatic arrangement of calla lilies. I also have my eye on this fantastic Degas print from Art.com that complements the colors in my room. And lastly, a magically expanding shoe closet would be pretty sweet too. Here's hoping...
Edgar Degas, The Dancer, 1874 Perfect, isn't it?!

Hope you enjoyed the grand tour! It'll be back to fashion (and fashion week! and Menswear Monday!) soon soon soon. Promise! :) xo


Amina said...

This is fab. I went 50% in on decorating my room and got distracted by "more important" things. Maybe I should get back to it.

Amanne said...

I haven't even begun to decorate my room in our new place. Your room looks good - and I love your eye mask ;)

Inez said...

Love the yellow walls. The Zebra print rug is beautiful.

Fran Salaams said...

looks so nice! I'm into all things leopard print -_-

Amal Khan said...

Nice! Love the mood enhancing walls!