shine and shimmer

...and to round off our Emmys red carpet coverage, it's the ever ubiquitous nude metallic gown! No star-studded event would be complete without the beaded, sparkling, swirling tulle frenzy we've come to know and love. 
Christina Hendricks: gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! When you're a woman of a certain shape, you can't get away with wearing a lot of crazy trends and silhouettes on the red carpet. And this woman is absolutely brilliant at figuring out what works for her-- classic, structured, and feminine. The beading on this Johana Johnson gown is exquisite and the slit up the leg is a sassy touch. I could probably do with a little less cleavage, but what's she gonna do? With that hair and makeup, she's a red-haired modern Marilyn.
I'm liking the geometric applique on Cat Deeley's gown; it keeps the dress from going bore-town on us. The clutch, however, is hideous. Her hair looks more beach-worthy than bombshell and I'm detecting some bronzer overload. So lose the bag, tie back the hair, add a red lip and you are golden. Literally.

 Taranji P Henson: love you but you're wearing a bridal negligee. That's all.
Rachael Taylor of the new Charlie's Angels shows up her dowdy co-star Minka Kelly in this disco dress. She's quite majestic, this one, in an Elisha Cuthbert sort of way. The dress would probably look better in a cocktail length, and those clunky shoes need to go. Hair and makeup: A+
Now if  Peggy would only come into the office dressed like this... Elisabeth Moss of Mad Men channels Eve here (you know, of Adam and the Garden). Either that or Poison Ivy, but either way, I'm liking it. In whatever red carpet look she chooses, Elisabeth has a quiet grace about her. She's wearing the dress, and not the other way around.
Glee's Jayma Mays wears one of my favorite looks of the night. On someone else, this tiered tulle confection might look like a cotton candied nightmare, but with her red tresses, demure face, and elegant figure, Jayma is utterly charming. And I can't say enough good things about the soft blush color. Overall: A++  (you're surprised, aren't you? this is so not my style!)
Last but not least, no Emmys would be complete without Heidi Klum to mix things up. She always amps up the style quotient by having fun with whatever she's wearing. No snoozefest for our favorite fraulein. Here she wears a pewter gown designed by former Project Runway contestant Christian Siriano. To be honest, it looks like she went swimming with the sea anemones and they sucked her in, but hey, that's very couture.

photos courtesy of celebuzz.com, cocoperez.com, and popsugar.com


Nuha said...

i love cat deeleys gown! christina hendricks looks good...but it's just a little too much. the color washes her out and the slits just make me look at her cleavage and legs. it's like oh wait, she has a face too?

Helena said...

I like Christina dress!
Amazing blog!!!