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Fashion Q&A: you asked about style options for curvy girls.
Sky high heels, a hip-length drapey blazer, black pants, and a long
scarf all add the illusion of slimness to Kim Kardashian's curvy frame.

Dear street number eight,

Loved your post on printed pants last week! What do you think about maxi skirts or that style of harem pants on gals who have hips, real hips? Yay or nay?


Dear Curves,

This girl here has hips, real hips, and I think both maxi skirts and harem pants can be extremely flattering if worn correctly. Choosing the proper fabric is key. With maxi skirts, stick with flowy chiffons or stiffer polyester, silk, or wool blends. I’d avoid jersey, because it’s rarely lined and clings (rather obscenely, in my opinion) to the body.

Mermaid skirts look lovely on a more feminine shape. They accent your curves and then flare out at the knee, which provides balance to your figure. Avoid skirts that are pleated at the waist; this adds unnecessary volume around your midsection and hips. Skirts with seams down the front are visually slimming and lengthening. And A-line maxi skirts look great on everyone.
A bias cut silk skirt in a mermaid style accentuates J Lo's curves
without giving too much away. Good shapewear underneath helps.


As for harem pants, again, stay clear of clingy jersey materials. If you must, then pair your pant with a long cardigan to provide more coverage. As a general rule, curvy women should only wear slouchy pants if they’re well-fitted and not too baggy around the hips or bottom, else it’ll just make you look wider with a droopy derriere. Opt for a relaxed fit in the hip and thigh, with a snugger fit in the calf. I think the most slimming length is cropped to just above the ankle.
Obviously this woman is pretty thin, but I love the pants she's
wearing. They are voluminous, but that volume is controlled
with her tight blazer and balanced with the huge scarf around
her neck. I think this would work well on a curvy gal.

I like that's Kim's drawn attention to her slim waist with these
relaxed high rise pants, but the jacket is too boxy and she looks
 squat. With a fitted top, she would look slimmer over all.

A simple A-line skirt that subtly falls away from the body, like
on Sofia Vergara's maxi dress above, is flattering on most women.

Christina Hendricks, the poster girl for curvy silhouettes in
Hollywood, always gets it right. I know this is a red carpet
look and not for everyday, but this style of skirt would make
for a perfect casual maxi: lined chiffon, seamed, fitted at the
waist and hips and flared below the knee.

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Also, if you’re trying to minimize a fuller lower half, keep the prints smaller and the colors darker. And always, nothing slims like our good friend, the high heel. Hope that helps!

street number eight

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Robo said...

Very helpful post. I have a pair of harem-y pants that have been sitting in my drawer because I wasn't sure what to wear them with, but now I have some ideas! Also just got a mermaid type maxi skirt today. Keep the tips coming! :)