blue girl group

Where there's red, there's also blue. And the Emmys were no exception. Amongst this group of cool-hued ladies, you'll find my best dressed of the night. Any guesses?

If you guessed dress number one on Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother), ding ding ding! Not only is this aquatic color smashing on her, the dress is soft, romantic, and effortless. Dianna Agron's peacock blue silk doesn't look like it fits properly and it ages her.  The woman can wear anything, so why she picked this dress is a wonder to me.

Katie Holmes is heading to a swim meet in her way-too-casual-for-the-Emmys dress. (and yes, we know you're cool, Katie). Claire Danes looks okay... I guess. Beaded + strapless = boring, but the geometric pattern saves the look for me. As for Amy Poehler, love that she is wearing Peter Som, one of my favorite designers, but the dress looks way too tight on her-- a little like sausage casing. Sorry, Amy! you're awesome otherwise.

Agree? disagree? Let me know! And check out the ladies in red here. xo

photos courtesy of popsugar.com, celebuzz.com, and glamour.com

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Hallie said...

I love Peter Som, but that dress just was not for Amy Poehler.

Yes, I agree the hues of blue were a nice break from the reds!