seeing spots

photo from hc-streetstyle.blogspot.com

Quick! Think: leopard print. What comes to mind? Short, tight D&G corset dress with red heels and fishnets and much, much too much eyeliner? Wow. Me too! Poor leopard, it gets such a bad rap. It’s a resilient little print though and manages to make a comeback every few years, only to be touted as the newest, hottest, latest thing to hit the runway since, well, tribal print I suppose.

If you’re committed to “seeing spots” this fall (without having your mother question your virtue), rest assured; in its most recent interpretation, leopard isn’t nearly as racy or dated as our collective imaginations would have us believe. For some always-appropriate ways to rock this trend, read the entire article at Divanee.com.

"Seeing Spots" on Divanee.com.

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Amanne said...

Currently rockin' leopard print today :)