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I love hearing your feedback on my blog. It's a new project, a work-in-progress, and all your feedback is so appreciated and helpful! A few of you have written in to request blog topics-- and I promise I still have a bunch to get to! Others talk to me about improvements I can make with layout. Some of you have even told me a post inspired you to go out and buy a featured item or try out a fashion trend. I love hearing that!

Recently, an old high school friend got in touch to tell me how my post on Pakistan Fashion Week inspired her to get an outfit made. Isn't that so neat! Take a look at the side-by-side below and tell me what you think. Doesn't it look fantastic? Amal, who is your tailor and how can we get access to him? 
Thanks for the love and keep your comments coming! xo


Amanne said...

Your friend's outfit is gorgeous! Where did she get it made? I've been looking for a talented seamstress in the area.

Amal said...

my mom recently started using a new tailor in lahore...he goes by kechoos. i wasn't even there to try it on but the fitting still came out to be wonderful!

Amal said...

if you would like i can get you his contact info...but it is in pakistan. he can also mail the outfits to the US using fedex.

Sell WoW Accounts said...

the outfit looks real great!