Q&A: pants on!

Every few days, I have readers write in asking for fashion advice-- how to incorporate certain trends into their wardrobe, what styles work best on them, where to buy specific items, etc. So I've been thinking... why not start a Q&A segment on the blog where I can address all your individual questions at once? Is this something you guys would be interested in seeing on here? I'll try it out for a few weeks and see how it goes! This week's question comes courtesy of "Fashionably Hopeless" of Southern California:

Dear Fashion Guru, [her words, not mine]

Where can I find a pair of non-super expensive red/green/electric blue pants? 

Fashionably Hopeless

Dear Fashionably Hopeless,

You're obviously not as hopeless as your name suggests if you're trying to get your hands on a pair of red/green/electric blue pants. Btw, we like to call that shade of blue cobalt these days. Sounds less 80's.

So you’ve caught the bright pants mania, have you? The good news is mass retailers are catching up with this trend faster than you can say color blocking. A short 6 months ago I hopelessly trolled the internet searching for affordable red pants. Now they’re slowly making their way to suburban malls everywhere. And by fall I’m pretty sure they’ll be ubiquitous. Having said that, below are three links to bright pants options for under $100. I suggest you try them on in person. Happy shopping!

Resident of Your Favorite Style Address

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q&a = amazing idea.