the intellectualist

How a man wears a suit says a lot about him, dontcha think? Here's part one of my "Portrait of a Suit" series, in honor of Menswear Monday.
The Intellectual Sartorialist: he can quote Sartre and Salinger, listens to obscure 70s music, and prides himself on being the anti-hipster. He veers toward mismatched fabrics, favoring houndstooth and herringbone above all. He lives by his wit and knows 16 different ways to fold a pocket square. Must haves: Either a beard or nerdy glasses. Both would be trying too hard, and this goes completely against his creed.

**I don't know who this nice man is, but no offense intended! His style was rad and I'm just poking a little satirical sartorial fun.


Robo said...

Love! His expression is priceless, as is your description :)

Anonymous said...

Would love to see his shoes!