falling for handbags

Every year as August draws to a close, I eagerly anticipate the advent of cooler weather, crisp autumn leaves, and new beginnings— not because I haven’t enjoyed the lazy lull of summer, but because I’m ready for my year to start. Yes, you heard me. My new years begins when September rolls around...
Celine box bag, streetpeeper.com

Maybe it’s the product of having been a student for so long. And just like in the old days, I have a “back-to-school” shopping list. These days it’s less jumpers-and-notebooks and more boots-and-bags. In fact, handbags rank at the very top of my fall shopping list. What else do you wear so consistently all season? What other item pulls your look together like a fantastic handbag?

Read more on fall's latest handbags and which of them made my wishlist on Divanee.com. Enjoy! xo
Olivia Palermo with an Hermes Birkin, thesartorialist.com

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Katherine said...

Gorgeous photos (I love that one with Olivia) I totally have a back to school shopping list!