The Recessionista's Guide to Decorating: Framing art on the cheap
Erte-- fashion illustrator extraordinaire-- is often my go-to for art prints that fashion-ify my bedroom
I'm on summer vacation, but it hasn't been much of a vacation! I moved into a new home two weeks ago and spend my (very hot, very sweaty) days cleaning, organizing, scouring furniture websites, and shopping for home decor-- then returning said home decor. And so the cycle continues. That's the reason I've neglected my blog a bit. The only fashion I'm rocking these days is oversized painters' shirts and cotton pants I won't melt in; but I see no reason why I can't blog about interior design! It's a passion of mine, and after all, doesn't style extend to all aspects of one's life?

So for my first home-y post, let me clue you in to what I did today. I'm a huge art lover and would live in a museum if I could, but displaying even framed prints or stretched canvases can be prohibitively expensive when it all adds up. A friend suggested I buy prints/posters and then frame them myself with frames from Target or Michael's etc. That works well if you're looking for a standard black frame, but a whole house of identical-looking brown/black Ikea-looking frames gets a bit dull.

To create a more distinctive look, my favorite thing to do is buy those tacky paintings from discount stores. You know, the ones where you wonder who on earth buys these horrid paintings of nothing? Well, I do. But only the ones with sturdy, interesting, and expensive-looking frames. Then I rip out the paper along the back, wrench out the offensive work and add my own artwork. Bonus if the original painting comes with thick white matting. Voila, I have lovely, personalized art for my walls! Check out the visual process below.

1. Buy cheap art from your local discount store. Sticker attached to the front, classy-like. Print: questionable.
2. Tear off the paper on the back. 
3. Remove any industrial-strength staples. Insert your own artwork.
4. As an extra $$$ saver, I buy calendars of my favorite artists' works. That way I have 12 prints for less than two dollars a pop. Here, I use my Erte calendar I ordered off Amazon.
5. The finished look: art deco for a vintage boudoir.
Stay tuned for more Recessionista Decorating tips and photos of the finished product! xo


Julia said...

excuse me sai, but i see where you bought this frame... you realize we have quite an assortment of frames at the local Ross, right?!

street number eight said...

hahaha! oh, I have been hitting up our local Ross quite frequently, don't you worry :) My favorite antique throw pillow and damask hamper are courtesy of La Ross. I'll send you pics with credits soooon. xo