From an Urban Outfitters schoolboy satchel to a Louis Vuitton tote, it's all about the man bag. Question is, how can we convince every man we know to carry one around-- think of all the extra room they'd have in their pockets!

I love his sneer.

Looks so very east coast Exeter alum to me.


Ocean Dreams said...

What an amazing tote, I just love it! Stopping over from my blog and www.ITSDF.blogspot.com

Hope you had a fab weekend!

Haachie Beatz said...

No insult to the dude, but the man bag with the dude wearing a scarf was kind of gay for my tastes. The briefcase looking bag looks kind of ill though. I don't know if the fashion will go out of taste since it all kind of originates from the briefcase days. All they really did was add a strap for the shoulder and give it a slightly more exotic look, so I'm going to say they are here to stay.

Maxy said...

Did you do this post just for me? LOVE both of these. And I completely agree with the Exeter reference, haha. It actually reminded me of a Holden Caufield-esque bag, at first glance. I love it - can't believe it came from Urban Outfitters - I woud've guessed Topman.

Maxy said...

Oh and I meant to say, it's my dream to own a LV tote/duffel/suitcase. My aunt used to have one of those huge train cases from Goyard... I used to play with it when I was little. So amazing.

Maxwell Scott said...

Nice post! Love that men are using bags more and more nowadays. With new technology and having to travel to work it's becoming essential to own one! I must say that urban outfitters one looks much more expensive than it probably is. Liking the satchel style! Invest in a good quality man bag and you can't go wrong.