hot mess

This is why I've been so MIA lately. It's moving time! My life, not to mention my closet, room, and routine are an utter mess. You'd think I'd be a pro at it by this time, having lived in 7 rooms in 7 years, but I'm still evolving. Here are a few tips to get your stuff in order from a compulsive organizer/girl-on-the-go.

1. Try using a bookshelf to store handbags. It makes finding bags to wear with outfits that much easier in the morning and your precious purses won't get smooshed or forgotten in the recesses of your closet. Place your smaller evening bags and clutches in wicker or canvas storage boxes to keep them in place on the shelf.  Add a sheer drape drawn along the top of the bookshelf to conceal whatever is going on behind. 

2. Don't store your shoes in their boxes (unless you have conveniently polaroided every shoe and stapled photo to front of box-- but that is a whole other level of organization!). If you can't see an item or conveniently reach for it, chances are you won't wear it. I like to buy long racks/shelves 3 levels high and place at the bottom of my closet to store my heels. I use the hall closet for flats, kicks, and other more oft-used footwear.

3. Ugh, it drives me insane when girls carry a 10 lb bag of makeup from home to car to purse and back. Don't live out of a bag, especially if it happens to be a makeup bag! Storing makeup is beyond simple, mostly because it hardly takes up any space; unless you're a professional artist or beauty blogger, one drawer is all you'll need for your face paint. First off, hoarders, throw out anything expired, separated, or smelly. That coral lipstick from 1998, I'm talking about you! Those cheap plastic trays available at most drugstores work well for storing brushes and cosmetics and can be cleaned easily. Organize however works best for you; by item type tends to make sense. As for that makeup bag, a mini-pouch with your essentials will work just fine, I promise. Every day is not a a photo shoot.

I hope these tips were helpful! More to come when I get my life organized. xo.

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ninaholland.com said...

I'm in the middle of moving right now too and yes, living in the middle of it is crazy (even though I too have moved frequently over the years!).

Loving the photos of your bags and those Louboutins- plus I completely agree about the makeup thing... it is ridiculous and not to mention a little bit crazy (you definitely don't want to be that girl who whips out her makeup constantly throughout the day!)

Anyways, great post :)