From a jazz/reggae festival I went to in Los Angeles earlier this summer. While not usually my scene, I was pleasantly surprised by both the music (hi, Lupe) and the style lounging on the grass and loitering around the port-a-potties. In case you were wondering, music fests have a rather strict unenforced dress code. I break it down for you below: hats, beads, feathers, it's festival fashion up close-- what to sport and what to stash.
do: slouchy bohemian boots. don't: knee-high black hooker boots

don't: Louis Vuitton. do: Louis Vuitton with rasta ball 

don't: head-to-toe leopard print.  do: cougars

do: friendship bracelets and beads.  don't: vials of each other's blood

do: ethnic sandals. don't: using words like "ethnic"

don't: bbm'ing during the concert. do: live-tweeting the concert, obvs!

do: swingy gold earrings. don't: daddy's diamond studs bought for your sweet 16th

do: lace-up sandals. don't: lace-up corsets

do: tats and silver. don't: high-waisted acid wash cutoff jean shorts (yeah, the ones you're looking at)

do: flowers and gold. don't: flowers and chocolate

do: sun hat. don't: sun tan
do: feather earrings. don't: feathered friends' droppings

If you're still not sure what outfits to rock while rocking out to reggae, jazz, tabla, or opera at the park, I'll be posting more pics of festival fashionistas/nistos soon. Stay tuned! xo


extraterrestrials on caffeine said...

so very amusing...and insightful...still smiling

Sahar said...

Yay for ethnic sandals and swingy earrings! Holler!!!

nadia said...

you're lucky i was live-tweeting...