to the max

By now you probably know I'm pretty sold on maxi skirts, and you've seen how I wear them during the day: paired with chunky sweaters and sleek accessories. But there are so many other ways to sport this style.

some ladies I met in Paris.
Long skirts can be tricky to pull off and it's hard to get the proportions right. Below I offer three ways to tackle this trend head on-- without looking like a frump (which I personally like...but you probably don't!).

Pleated Skirt
so what if i am a little moody?

This black skirt could get really dressy, but a boxy vintage-print crop top and masculine watch keeps the look casual. The accents of red spice it up a bit and keep the outfit looking modern.

Mermaid Skirt
...and i'm not sorry

A sleeveless shirt plays down the uber-feminine shape of this skirt, while the minimalist accessories allow the bright colors to take center-stage. Don't let yourself get washed out with dull beige makeup either. Keep it bright!

Asymmetric Skirt
try to hold me back

The tight silhouette and high slit make for a very sexy skirt, but the floral chiffon blouse and whimsical accessories sweeten up the look. The slouchy sweater, fringed booties, and cross-body bag add a bohemian flair that's completely appropriate for daytime.

Let's hear it-- which look is most you? How do you wear your maxi skirts? Or is this one trend you're leaving alone this summer? xo


Anonymous said...

I love this look! You have inspired me to go out and buy a maxi skirt!!! :) u look fab BTW!!!!

sabiha said...

I love the purple mermaid skirt!!!

Anonymous said...

you look amazing, as always, and i a, always impressed by how some women can pull off the maxi skirt/dress. i am short though am afraid it will overwhelm my frame so am a bit hesitant to try this ... :) -DL

Michelle Lee said...

love the look so much :) beautiful

your newest follower, Michelle

TMFA said...

nice dress!

Maxy said...

I got super excited when I saw the title of this post :P But maxi skirts are cool too haha. Love your neutral/earth colours and the girl in the hat with the leather jacket - awesome looks.