hong kong by night

Take a walk with me though Kowloon, past the night market and on to the waterfront harbour for a view of Hong Kong Island.

Kind of obsessed with pics of bikes... and all automobiles for that matter. Not exactly sure why!

Fresh fruit and juice machines at the night market.

Scaffolding is made exclusively of bamboo in Hong Kong because of its strength and durability. The shoots are held together by tied bindings rather than nails or bolts. Wish we did that here-- it's so picturesque!

This looks like an Emmy award, but it's a statue along the Kowloon waterfront.

My friend and travel companion, Mariam.

The white-bordered Bank of China building was designed by IM Pei. Though visually stunning, it supposedly has bad feng shui. Read more about it here.

Mariam and I.

I've never seen such rainbow-colored buildings by night. Pretty spectacular, isn't it?