gentlemen prefer...

 ...blondes, you say? And I hear they have more fun too! While I refuse to elaborate on the veracity of that statement (having had all naturally-occurring hair colors under the rainbow), I can tell you that they do appear with much more frequency in California. In New York, Paris, and Milan, these flaxen unicorns are a rarity indeed. But I did manage to catch a few. 

The shade of choice these days seems to be a warm honey blond, flattering on most skin types and easier to maintain than a lighter, cooler hue. Enjoy these pics... while I go call my hairdresser. (BTW I have no idea who any of these women are. If you do, let me know. I'm making my own assumptions below**).

My guess: editor, European. She's proud of her lines, the hair is perfectly mussed. Very je ne sais quois.

My guess: editor, American. Clean cut blazer, friendly smile, and that ski-slope nose. Tres Americain!

Child or grown-up person, I know not. She carries a grown-up Balenciaga bag. Is it hiding Hello Kitty?

My guess: fashion persona, rich man's wife, VIP. Anyone that thin is a VIP in the fashion world.

My guess: an American in Paris. The coolest girl in her clique.

My guess: editor, European. Understated elegance. She doesn't need to try too hard.

My guess: student, Italian. Super geeked to be at Paris Fashion Week. She even smiles for the camera!

So... any other brunettes motivated to go lighter for summer? 

**no disrespect to these lovely ladies, obv!

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Pinki said...

Is the first picture Virginia Smith of Vogue??