Turbans have gone quite mainstream of late, with design houses like Prada at the helm of this trend. Traditionally worn by men in the Middle East and South Asia, turbans have made an appearance in almost all parts of the world. Alexander Pope was known to don them in 17th century England and women of Africa wear them to this day. The turban entered modern Western consciousness in the age of Hollywood glamour when screen sirens like Elizabeth Taylor sported them. These days, everyone from the Olsen twins to fashion blogger The Man Repeller to the girl I met in SF a few weeks ago have made the style their own. And you know I'm going to ask...do you dare? Or is this style just too "exotic" for you?

Prada. Getty images

Any idea where the word turban comes from? You'll probably never guess what popular European export derives its name from turban.

painting by Delacroix
Sophia Loren

The word turban comes from 'dulband' in Persian; 'tulbent' in Turkish; 'tolipante' in Old Italian. And because of its many folds, gives its name to that much-favored flower-- yep, you guessed it: the tulip! The things we learn everyday...


Ninjagaiden78 said...

That blue turbin is ill.


K2 said...


Saeed said...

agree with k2 here. Leave this trend to the guys who came up with it.

Amy said...

Had no idea about the origins of the word...! How freakin cool is that? And how awesome is the street style you snapped? LOVE. And I totally rock one from time to time (bike commuter helmet hair demands it!).

Maxy said...

LOVED the risk that the blue turbaned girl took at CFS. She was one of my favourites. And Sophia Loren rocks it amazingly in that photo. Love it.