shanghai surprise

Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express, 1932

I've explained how "Where in the World Wednesday" works (I need a where and when from you), but here's my example. Recently I received an invite to attend my very first mystery party, a themed affair involving costumes and playacting. The title: "Missing Brushstrokes in Beijing." The scenario: "The US Ambassador to China and his wife invite you to a night of crime-solving adventure. Join us as we seek to uncover who has stolen a prized painting from the embassy, a gift from China's Paramount Leader..." How genius are my friends! The party's not for a few weeks, but it did get me thinking-- China, embassy, crime, political intrigue, hmmm... 

Where: The American embassy, Shanghai (because it conjures up more mystique for me than Beijing)
When: 1930s (was any era more glamorous?)

What: General Xiao Li has been murdered! (because my mind runs to violent crime?)
Who: a cast of Mystery Ladies, guests of the Ambassador, any one of whom could be a lethal murderess. (with a killer wardrobe to match!) Can you guess whodunit? Keep reading below to find out.

The gracious hostess Madam Ambassador mixed the drinks for the General. Did she stir in a little Poison?
Shanghai Surprise 1

The Maharani was not a woman easily scorned-- in business or in love.
Shanghai Surprise 2

Who was she, this scarlet-lipped Secret Agent? No one knew... except the General. And he's no longer talking.
Shanghai Surprise 3

Shanghai Lily and the General were old friends. Or deadly enemies. Now their relationship's gone up in smoke.
Shanghai Surprise 4

There you have it! Your "Where in the World Wednesday" outfit inspiration of the week: 1930s Shanghai, 4 variants. What's your flavour?? And more importantly, who's the murderer?! Would love to hear your thoughts below. :) xo.


Amina said...

my fav post of all time. zaberdast.

street number eight said...

thanks, amina! :) it was fun to do