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Thank you all for your wonderful submissions for this week's "Where in the World: Wednesday." As a former history major and perpetual traveler, I love hearing what places and eras inspire you. So let's get on with it! A big shout out to Sandy F. of Calgary who wrote in an asked to see a modern-day wardrobe take on her inspiration: mythic Greece. I hadn't thought of a make-believe place/time... but why not?

where: Mount Olympus, Greece (home of the Gods)
when: once upon a time...
who: three famed goddesses (yes, the ones who fought over Paris's golden apple)
what: three outfits-- day, night, and at the royal court on Mt. Olympus
why: because we want to see what they'd  wear today!

1. Hera-- Queen of the Gods, goddess of marriage, wife of Zeus
Hera: Queen of the Gods

Ever regal and stately, Hera is a no-nonsense goddess who exudes glamour, strength, and femininity. Just beware of that jealous streak. For daytime it's wide-legged trousers, a belted top, and structured bag-- conservative and classic but always attention-getting with warm metallic accents. At night the earthy grecian goddess makes her appearance in an olive-green draped dress with luxe nature-inspired accessories. And finally, it's all royal splendor when Hera takes her place as Queen on the throne of Mount Olympus, bedecked in white and gold.

2. Aphrodite-- Goddess of Love and Sex

Aphrodite: Goddess of Love

Her name means 'out of foam' because, as countless artists have depicted over the years, Aphrodite sprung from the ocean fully-grown. As you might imagine, this beach babe is all things feminine, desirable, and free-spirited. For daytime, she keeps it casual but girly with an off-the-shoulder silk dress and jingly heart charms (obviously). This vixen's a veritable mermaid at night with a sea-green scalloped skirt and sparkling nude top. And on Mount Olympus, it's va-va-voom all the way with sky-high heels and a short, tight, grecian sheath. And sparkles. Always sparkles.

3. Athena-- Goddess of War and Wisdom
Athena: Goddess of War

This warrior goddess "hatched" from the skull of her father Zeus wielding weaponry. As you can imagine, Athena is not one to be messed with-- especially from the boys; the virgin goddess's only constant companion is her pet owl. For daytime, our brainy rebel wears her practical yet fierce gladiator sandals and as many studs and leather cuffs as she can pack in. After hours means Athena rocks out in skinny jeans and a tunic, but at Mount Olympus she's in full savage-goddess mode with a printed sheath, spiked cuff and dangerously high wedges. 

No wonder Paris had it tough! Who could choose between these three lovelies? :) Check in for next week's "Where in the World: Wednesday." Let me know what time/era inspires you, and I'll give you my contemporary style interpretation. (More info here if you missed it last time.) xo

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The gods would agree, these are some hot picks!

Great selection for each goddess!