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I've been getting lots of requests for more personal style photos. The reason you haven't seen much of me lately is because, well... I'd rather be behind the camera than in front of it. It's just a little bit embarrassing having pictures of yourself taken, editing them, and then selecting which ones to post. And it's hard to be objective! But having said that, I'm your typical girly-girl and love getting dressed up every once in a while so I may as well share the results. :) Below is my outfit for the Charity Fashion Show in SF a few weeks ago. Scroll down for more details on the specifics and how to get the look-- in a way that won't break the bank. And please, get in touch if you've ever proudly worn gold lamé pants!

photos by my sis-in-law Sanaa. thanks!

And because it's hard for me to keep a straight face....

But I tried...

Deconstructing my look: messy Xena warrior princess high-pony/braid, orange lipstick, faux fur chubby- Urban Outfitters, cream cashmere sweater - Zara, layered gold chains - vintage, gold harem pants - Club Monaco, leopard platforms - YSL. I don't think any of these specific items are available in stores now, but here's how to...

Get the Look:

Go Exotic
American Vintage v neck sweater
$116 - my-wardrobe.com

Jaeger faux fur jacket
104 EUR - my-wardrobe.com

Harem pants
$20 - tillys.com

Peep toe heels
$109 - zara.com

MICHAEL BY MICHAEL KORS snakeskin wallet
115 GBP - harveynichols.com

Pieces chunky ring
$11 - asos.com

Layered necklace
$40 - topshop.com

Would love to hear your comments below! xo


nadia jafri said...

looking good!! :)

Amy said...

LOVE these pics!!! Also love the name "messy Xena warrior princess high-pony braid" for your hairstyle! ;) Not description could be more perfect! ;)

street number eight said...

Thanks Amy! Do you remember how ridiculous I looked when i was taking these at the end of the night? haha.

Nida said...

Lovely photos, Saimah! Really enjoy your blog. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite forms of procrastination on the computer.

street number eight said...

Thank you, Nida! how nice of you to say :)

Shazia said...

Lookin' good, Sai!! Love the blog,too!

TheStrawberryFields said...

You definately should take more pictures you are so pretty,love those glitzy gold pants x

Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne said...

You look gorgeous! love how you rocked the gold pants and faux fur. I've just recently did my first outfit post too... and yes, so very hard to keep a straight face!!

Jenna said...

This outfit is hideous. You need lessons on how to pose. Your sense of style is ridiculous. You clearly have no experience and you are not model material.