che bella

I went to Paris, and I fell in love. Literally, was transfixed by this woman: her poise, her strong features, her monochromatic outfit with the fur to die for. And clearly she was a "somebody." Didn't realize till much later that I was beholding the incomparable Giovanna Battaglia, onetime Italian model, former L'uomo Vogue editor, and favorite subject of fashion bloggers 'round the world. She recently made the move stateside to NYC for "personal reasons" as NYMag.com and her rep tell us, so here is my big welcome to Gio, the most fascinating woman I saw in Paris. Benvenuto!

More pics of Giovanna out on the town... 

These city-pics of Gio are from her Facebook fan page. A must-'like'? She's definitely on my list of contemporary international style icons!


Allergic to Vanilla said...

she's a stunner alright! Funny you found my post on your post! anyways it was nice to photograph you, your outfit was on hit that night! Are you in SF, or NY, can't really tell--more of a globe trotter I bet...oh Paris, you lucky girl you!
xo Carlina

Mary ♥ Mur said...

♥ So nice post.) Love your blog.) ♥

street number eight said...

hey carlina, yes crazy right!! i loved it:) and thank you. i do hop around but the bay area is home right now!

thx mary! :)