kitschy kitschy koo

Some of the... cuter things I saw in Hong Kong. And they certainly like cute over there. And color. And kitsch. But then who doesn't?

Hello Kitty graffitied on the wall, and then edited with paper. That's what I call dedication to an icon.

Babies with hot pink mamas. 
School uniforms and backpacks were almost all one could see between a certain hour.
I didn't follow them inside! I just happened to see them again...promise


top row: a li'l military-looking guy and a toy-meets-broken car sculpture in our hotel lobby.

bottom row: kitschy decorations at the popular G.O.D. (Goods of Desire) store, Hong Kong's answer to IKEA.


Elizabeth Frickey said...

OMG that is so cute! I love street art. www.fashion-ninjas.blogspot.com

featherfactor said...

LOL love this- and so totally HK, you are right. Thanks for sharing :)