the game

A typical Sunday in San Francisco: kung fu-fighting with Elvis and hanging with truck-drivin' divas? Maybe... but we were playing The Go Game to benefit Project Open Hand, a charity that provides nutritious meals to people suffering from HIV and other serious illnesses. Along the way we got to go on a city-wide scavenger hunt, meet "Sarah Palin," reenact Super Mario Brothers, and model some HOT yellow ponchos. ;) Take a look!

No, it wasn't raining. But Bowser just called for a yellow poncho

Ola! the famous Brett of amtrekker.com
Elvis has definitely left the building.

Single-handedly kicking a$$

Sunday night fever


and distressed denim

on Sutter St.

must get the number of his pedicurist

apologies to those with a foot phobia

breakdancing in the back of a truck

with some new friends we made. I'm sorry you can't see the teardrop tattoos

her name is Betty

there's a reason for these shenanigans!

i hear it's raining cats and dogs

escape from San Clemente maximum security prison? on a stuffed pony no less
Charlie Sheen dropped by. And he missed you.

Jenny practicing her best blogger pose! ;)
Trying to impress Ms. Palin at "R Bar"

Project Open Hand  http://www.openhand.org/

*photos taken by our teammate KJ and the Go Game crew and an almost-disposable camera. nice!


By Sara Romero said...

hahaha the blogger pose is hilarious. this looked so fun and for a good cause. cute blog, im following. Hope you do the same :)




Steffys Pros and Cons said...

loving all of the wacky hats!!!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons